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Mobiles Smartphones Game Development:

Do you have an great idea for a iOS game or a Android game? Lets hear it. We can help you, from bringing your game from a idea stage into the hands of game players. Our experienced project managers can help you in ideation and game improvisation through out the process. Apart from helping in your game development on the technical side, we can also help you out on game marketing and consulting. We can start with rough draft or scope of your game, check if any existing game available on real world so its easier to do requirement gathering and analysis of game logic, game technology, and common game features. So why wait, please contact us NOW.


  • Requirement gathering and Rough draft of Game logic.
  • UI/UX design to visualise
  • Use waterfall, Agile and functional development to track the process
  • QA game logic and user usability to smooth game play
  • Send the game to reviewers and get feedback for enhancements
  • Release game on iTunes and Google Play
image Cocos2D Development

Our Chennai India iOS development team expertise using cocos2d objC library to benefit on interactive animation feature. cocos2d provides better UI components which makes it simpler and easier for developing complex animation and design.

imageTurn-Based Game Center

Turn-Based Game Center provides a neat implementation for players to be passively connected to game center but not in real time. The game play could be a turn by turn based between two or multiple players when their turn comes to make a move. Players can make their turn any time until match ends and also only one player will be able to make changes to game play and logic of the game.


Our Chennai India iOS development team had implemented extensive animation classes in iOS games. Particularly the iOS game launch animation, sprite sheet based animation and the game play mess-up with background music and sounds for better experience.

imageUI Design

Our Chennai India iOS development team have designed extensive game play screen on smart phones, iPhone and iPad. we have well trained animated designer to enlarge design for sparking visualise on game.

imageLeaderboard and Achievement

Leaderboard shows the rank of player with your friend circle from apple game centre and google play games . Achievements are giving complement to the player and motivation to play game continuously .

imageIn-App purchase

Our Chennai india iOS development team have good experience on In-App Purchase. The In-App purchase provides incentive for buying credits and unlock the feature are added advantage for player to play game. we implements all the type of In-App purchase provided by apple and Google Play games.