Drip Email Marketing

Email marketing comes in different flavors and sizes, flyer emails, plain vanilla marketing emails, coupon emails etc. For B2B marketing especially software services, a drip marketing email fits the bill most, since the product is going to be a service which needs repeated engagements with a potential customer before moving to opportunities phase, a drip marketing email has much more potential.

Off course the key in email marketing or any kind of marketing endeavors is going be the potential qualified lists of either email address or phone numbers(in cases of SMS). Targeting non-interested parities is not only waste of time and energy but also money and the other parties time. So the first and fore most id the qualified lists that you need to prepare. There are many quality contacts database that is out there in the market, be sure to check if they have the contacts that your after, some providers have much better quality say in manufacturing, while others may say have in logistics. If you need a free lists and have the time, you can score the websites of associations/clubs in your regions which cater to your contacts your after.

Drip Email marketing is divided in 3 core emails, there can be smaller follow up emails in-between, but the core is usually 3...

1.) Main Intro - This should generally talk about the main benefit that you see that your product or service can be help the potential lead. An example could be


2.) Reiterating the core - Explain once more the benefits of your product and service and asking for a appointments so that you can share some details with the customer

3.) Signing Off - A polite email which mentions that maybe this is not the right time to contact them and you will contact them in future, usually after 6 months.

When to send the Emails

The timing Each of the emails should be timed. Emails should be sent usually on weekdays and preferably avoid Fridays, since on Fridays, most potential leads will think that they can respond to emails next Monday and usually will forget it once they are back in office. So the best days are from Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Make sure you don't send mails which falls on National holidays or other holidays in case your sending to International clients.

First Email - 1st Day.

Second Email - 7 Days after from first mail.

Third Email - 7 days after from second mail.


Points to Consider

Remove emails from the list if requested. Nothing infuriates a potential lead than getting unwanted emails, so immediately apologize and remove him from your list. Avoid sending emails too frequently, once a drip email marketing is completed