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Application which solves your Business Problems

Your Business problems require various technologies to solve. And today with even more devices and their different native technologies, it’s really confusing for many businesses to hold on to their edge either connecting to their clients and employees. With our experience in developing in myriad different technologies, the benefit we bring to your business is you get all different technology solutions under one-roof.

  • Expertise in varied Technologies
  • Perfect Longterm Partner
  • Cost Effective Prices Easily Affordable
  • Proven Project Workflow Management
  • JIRA for PMO
  • Bitbucket for Versioning
AWS Lambda Development

We develop Python 3 scripts to run in server less environment focusing on AWS Lamda. Serverless environment provides a powerful production environment for robot processing automation (RPA) with much reduced costs. If you are in need of RPA process based on Python, please get in touch with us.

Managed Cloud Servers

We setup Amazon Cloud servers for our clients, maintain and support them. We have experience in setting up optimized web servers, RDS, Kannel SMS in a VPC environment. If you are in need of a cloud server for your application hosting, please get in touch.

PHP/mySQL Development

For the past 5 years we have been using PHP/MySQL as our standard server side technology, having delivered ecommerce, dashboards and custom API for our clients there is very little that PHP/MySQL cannot do.

Server Maintenance and Support

Your emails, orders and files are very important to your business, our server maintenance and support gives 24/7 support to your server infrastructure with no downtime.

Robot Process Automation

We provide RPA services in Python. We automate your process using Python and server less automation, maintain and support it. If you need RPA consulting, please forward your automation problem for us to analyze and check if its possible for us to Automate.

Easily affordable

Most of our quotes are modest and will include your budget anytime, all-time. All our services are easily affordable and we guarantee that a rich dividend.